Grumpy’s Wacky World Program Note

Grumpy’s Wacky World Program Note

First of all, Grumpy would like to thank everyone for their support. His goal was to get from 500 to 1000 hits on his Blog Site in the first month.

It looks as if 1000 hits will be made after 18 days online. So, Grumpy’s new goal is 1500 hits by months end. Help him out by using the share BUTTONS (Facebook, Twitter, email, Pininterest) below each BLOG and/or emailing your favorites to friends.

Remember that by putting your email in the FOLLOW ME box will provide you with instant access. Whenever a new BLOG is posted, Grumpy will email it directly to your INBOX. How cool is that?

Now that it has been established, Grumpy’s Wacky World will attempt to follow a format for the next little while. Here’s the weekly lineup. Grumpy hopes you will stay tuned and interact. All comments will be answered ASAP. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Grumpy needs to know if his efforts are worthwhile or whether he should go back to mumbling to himself, cussing incessantly or writing nasty letters to the morons that tick him off.

So, here it is.

Grumpy’s Wacky World Week At A Glance

MONDAY: Grumpy’s Monday Meandering Musings: How’s that for a title? Monday’s post will be Grumpy’s attempt to comment on a news item that strikes him as an example of “stupid people” in action or news of the “wacky, weird and wonderful” variety.

TUESDAY:  A new blog will be posted – HOT OFF THE PRESS. This will be something new from the Grump’s Word Processor.

WEDNESDAY: Grumpy’s Webwide Wednesday: Grumpy will re-blog an entry from one of’s other humor BLOG SPACES. There is a whole whack of funny blogs to be had and Grumpy will save you the search time by providing the BLOG – free of charge. How’s that for service with a SMILE?  :  )

THURSDAY: Throwback Thursdays: Grumpy will move a BLOG from the dead letter pile to the top of the list. These older post have few hits but are full of laughs, titters and smirky smiles. If you’ve read them once, a second read might just reveal some new cackles and guffaws.

FRIDAY: A new blog will be posted – HOT OFF THE PRESS. This will be something new from the Grump’s Word Processor.

WEEKENDS: SATURDAY SUNDAY SURPRISE: Puzzles, surveys, polls and the odd short story or novel excerpt. Grumps might just add a poem or two here, as well. This will be kind of a grab bag of useless but necessary junk.  He might just ask you to contribute a funny story or two.

So, there you have it: Grumpy’s Business Plan for the time being. We’ll see if the old guy can keep up the pace in this space.

Best Wishes,




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