Wednesday is REBLOG Day at Grumpy’s World. Grumps will search the WordPress and Tumblr sits for BLOGS that suit Grumpy’s Cantankerous space. In this case, enjoy someone Grumpier than Grumps, Don Mills, and his THE PROBLEM WITH YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY . . BLOG. Enjoy -Grumpy

The Problem with Young People Today Is...

The problem with young people today is that they are fat.

Back when I was a lad, there were no chubby kids. The only fat people you ever saw were wealthy industrialists, bankers and state senators – and that was because they had earned the right to overeat.

If any of my friends had dared to put on a little flab, their parents would have dragged them out to the garage, tied them to chair and beaten the lard off ‘em with a spare tire.

But today? Christ! The average twelve year old is two hundred pounds and has already had triple bypass surgery and an angioplasty. In my day you got one heart attack at the age of 55 and it damn well killed you. Just like nature intended.

I see these young folks waddling around at the food court and it scares the Hell out of me. They…

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