Grumpy Accepts The Shackles of Success

Success has its rewards, my friends and I have you folks to thank for that.

You might notice that advertisements are beginning to appear on Grumpy’s World. That would indicate that the 1000 hits are garnering attention from the commercial department at WordPress.  Ads will be added if the traffic is maintained and/or is increased. Such is the way of the world in Internet business development and commerce. Hey, Grumpy gets this site at no cost to him. If he attracts potential customers – so be it! I say its buyer beware no matter the approach.

Please be aware that Grumps has no control over what kind of ad is added here. He would prefer that these ads be for products like Attends, Viagara, Single Malt Scotch and various varieties of exotic beer and wine. You could even throw in a few about the benefits hip and knee surgery. But, again, he has no control over that kind of content.

No matter, I hope you continue to visit for the content I provide and not the dating services and/or video games displayed on the banner or sidebar. Remember, Grumpy is not judgemental. After all, he does open himself to ridicule and chastisement here on a regular basis.

Grumpy will understand if you are frumpy and prudish. He’s an accommodating kind of guy. So, if you are offended, ignore the ads and just read about Grumpy’s adventures. Or, if push comes to shove, take a hike!

Stay Strong,



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