Reblog Wednesday: Classic from the Blogasphere

Here’s another Don Mills classic that had me in stiches. Don makes Grumpy seem like Tinkerbell, which was his boyhood dog’s name, despite Grumpy’s insistence that the mutt be called “Lassie”. Enjoy this midweek respite and do look at some of Don’s other posts – they are hilarious.
Have a great hump day.

The Problem with Young People Today Is...

The problem with young people today is that they all have “disorders.”

Back in my day, young people didn’t have “disorders.” When we got sick our illnesses were tangible damn it. Something you could see on an x-ray or confirm with a rectal thermometer. We got the grippe, scarlet fever or polio, not some airy-fairy pseudo-illness like “reactive attachment disorder” or “body dysmorphia.”

They pretty much have all the bases covered. Learning disorders, mood disorders, eating, anxiety and personality disorders – anything the young people can think up as an excuse for their snotty attitudes, lazy behavior and to keep them from having to go out and look for work.

It’s all a bunch of god damned malarkey as far as I’m concerned and gives me “pissed off old man syndrome.” They haven’t got anything wrong with them that couldn’t be fixed with a couple of electroshocks, a kick in…

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2 thoughts on “Reblog Wednesday: Classic from the Blogasphere

  1. Oh yeah, brother. I am a Don Mills “fanatic”. He rocks my world. I see you’re a retired teacher. I taught high school for 6 years, up until June. So, Don’s astute observations of the younger generation sometimes make me want to pee my pants. He so gets it. He’s a rock star!


  2. He hits the nail on the head. Having raised three teens over te past 20 years (kids now 32,23 and 18) there is a great identification factor. Thanks for commenting.

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