OOOOOOPSY! Grumpy on a one week break!!!!

Sorry folks, this weeks promised feaures are not ready for prime time.

Several issues have Grumpy’s hands on his work tools and not on his keyboard. Like, how about a backed up septic system for you.  Grumpy has been digging a hole almost big enough for a pine box.

No matter, yesterday’s work had problem solved. And, that’s all the poop on that situation.

Also, after Sandy blew through – the yard is covered in leaves, sticks, branches and other peoples blow in garbage. Grumpy has rake ache in both hands and can barely type this.

The Phenom has high school volleyball playoffs this week as well, including a one hour road trip for the Regional AAA qualifier tomorrow.

So, we’ll all take a break until next Monday. In the meanwhile, maybe you can <click> and explore some of the posts youve missed. All of these are posted on the sidebar to your right.

Stay classy, my friends,



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