Looking for Sandy: A Grumpy’s World Mockumentary

MOCKUMENTARY LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHOVunsYenw

Grumpy is annoyed. After watching the over the top news reporting during the Monday of Hurricane Sandy he’s reached his limit. Watching cable news that day was like watching a NASCAR race; everyone was “punching” their reports to the limit, sometimes dramatizing situations that were, at best, the very beginning “soft blows” of what yet was to come. I felt as if I was anticipating a car wreck. At times, I felt creepy about what was being said.

It made me angry when I knew that many were suffering out of the reach of the cameras lens. To add insult to injury, Grumpy observed a local Ontario reporter stand in a puddle and proclaim localized flooding due to leaves blocking catch basins. The water was about an inch deep and you could see that dry land was only a few feet away. The reporter spoke as if this was the beginning of Armageddon.

Anything goes when it’s time to dramatize tragedy, I guess. Is this all about audience and advertising?

And then you had fellow Canadian, Ali Velshi (CNN), standing in the water at that intersection in Atlantic City with the wind howling around him. He seemed to be standing there for hours. I half expected him to be wacked with debris and blow away like a feather. How was his microphone so clear with all of that wind?

Really, there were reporters everywhere covering this story and because they were required to update continuously, some of their reports were laughable.

“The water has risen at least a quarter of an inch in the past hour.”

“You can see the wind has picked up – the trees are starting to sway a bit.”

“The sky is definitely darker, Bob!”

“Paper is blowing everywhere!”

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

After the storm you had the typical follow ups with reporters sticking their microphones in the tragic faces of those who suffered the most. If a reporter ever tried that with Grumpy he’d be soon carrying his microphone around in his keester.

Nevertheless, we had seven inches of rain here on the Southcoast of Ontario and lots of wind over the course of the storm. My septic system backed up due to the ground’s saturation.

I half expected Rob Marciano (CNN) to show up as I dug that sucker up and was left standing knee deep in the back up.

Dressed in survival fatigues Rob jams a microphone in Grumpy’s face. “So, Grumpy, it seems as if the storm had shitty consequences for you. Do you care to comment?”

(Insert the sound of microphone being jammed up a keester here)

However controversial it might be, Grumpy decided to prepare his own storm report. He presents his report as a Mockumentary; essentially making fun of all of that over the top reporting that became so rampant on that tragic Monday. Indeed, this could be “the worst video ever made”. No matter, only a few of you know where Grumpy lives.

And, here’s a fair warning. If after viewing the video some upset news outlet makes their way to Grumpy’s estate with microphone in hand, prepare to protect your keester.

If you like the video then Grumpy would be pleased if you would open your wallet and donate to one of the many relief organizations helping those who were in harm’s way. They are the true heroes of this disasterous weather.

Why not start out with a donation to the American Red Cross.

CLICK THE LINK: http://www.redcross.org/charitable-donations



“Looking for Sandy” : A Grumpy’s World Mockumentary

CLICK THE LINK:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHOVunsYenw

Grumpy would like to thank the family and friends who appeared in this video. Although their reputions might be somewhat tarnished, at least Grumpy has provided them with an Andy Whorhol moment- somewhat less than 15 minutes of fame.

Stay Classy,



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