The Jig is Up with Bill 115: Are you in the know?

imagesCAYSTR6BHere’s the thing, people of Ontario, Laurel Broton’s Bill 115 announcement yesterday has me thinking that Ontario politics has gone to the dogs. The wolves are baying at the moon and hungry for blood. Your blood!

100_0484_rectangle_largeReally, this pack of minority Liberals is running wild, bullying every other creature in the forest ad infinitum. At the moment they are accountable to NO ONE! The lack of an Alpha wolf (Premier) has the monkeys running the zoo.

I say, if this was any other country than Canada the citizens would be marching in the streets with pitch forks and flaming torches.

Listen up folks, we have no government. We have no representation. And, the wolves are running amok.

Forget about Bill 115, because the one thing Broton got right is that  the Bill is a LIGHTNING ROD.

This invisible democracy we have now should have the citizens of Ontario up in arms. Your government is perogued and has disappeared. There is no consultation, debate or opportunities to challenge what this MINORITY GOVERNMENT is doing.

Political posturing by both the Liberals and Conservatives (pre-election) is at a high pitch roar. The consequence is that Ontario is being managed like an iron fisted dictatorship. Unelected SCHOOLbureaucrats are calling all the shots.

This is not government by representation. This is government by repression. Anarchy would define this state because anarchy denotes:  “The complete absence of law, order, and government.”

We have no government. (Lame Duck Minority Perogued Legislature)

The law (Constitution, Labour Law, and Collective Bargaining) has been usurped. (Bill 115)

Any semblance of order has gone right out the window in our schools. (Work to Rule, Walkouts, Sports Cancelled etc.)

I liken Bill 115 to a “jig”: a woodworking tool that is designed for holding wood for a particular project. It may only have a one-use function and might be set on the shelf after its initial use. But, should a similar project be initiated in the future, it can be dusted off and used again.

The application of Bill 115 is precedent setting and be forewarned that this type of government control by edict ( The Jig ) can be dusted off and used again AGAINST YOU, the Ontario citizen who bash teachers and thinks the teachers are the problem in all of this.

No, my friends, the JIG IS UP, because when push comes to shove you should all realize that government IS THE PROBLEM and not the SOLUTION! Don’t listen to the politicians or the union leaders; use your God given brain cells to investigate what all of this is really about. It is far more complicated and its effects will be far reaching.



Here are a few things to ponder before we are all devoured by the wolf pack. I challenge you to answer these questions and see where you really stand. React with your head not with your heart. Put emotions aside and think logically. Do a little research and stop listening to talk radio or reading comments on bulletin boards/forums.

In other words this Grumpy old guy is saying, “Man up!” Due diligence is the Sesame Street word of the day.

Why is Laurel Broton running the show with a powerful Magic Wand that usurps democratic process and the law? Who gave her this power and why?

Why is no other minister wielding this power? Why JUST education? Why just salaries and benefits?

Think about it. Did you vote for any of this?

Are you in favour of the dissolution of democratic processes?

Are you in favour of a Third World political supremacy over citizens in Ontario?

Are you good with the fact that there is no opportunity to question these tactics in a functioning legislature? You voted in a member. What is he/she doing now for his/her stipend? Is this what you would define a democracy?

Are you happy that the opposition Conservatives are pushing the lame duck Liberals buttons? Jump they say! How high? Liberals respond! Mickey mouse politics?

If you, on one hand, want the best education system in the world (That’s what Broton keeps calling it BTW and that is what those outside of Ontario know.) wouldn’t you think the cost of that system could possibly be high? Perhaps you would pay less for an inferior one?

Wouldn’t cutting from that system be detrimental? Don’t you get what you pay for?

If you are making the cuts only from the frontline workers, aren’t you telling them they are the only problem with education funding? Aren’t you telling them that what they do is not valued? Do you really believe there isn’t any other waste in education? Are you blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other?

Wouldn’t you be careful about how you dealt with these cuts/cost savings and approach the process with intelligence and widespread consultation? Do you trust politicians to do the right thing? Or, are our politicians simply politicking –using the education workers as scapegoats?

Have you forgotten all of the other controversial places where money has been wasted? (ORANGE, GAS PLANTS, E-HEALTH, MPP RAISES, MANAGER BONUSES)

You must remember that the teacher unions would have negotiated and/or suggested other efficiencies for cost savings. But, that of course, would take dialogue and discussion. Are you against meaningful negotiation that might bring further savings?

Or, would you like your police officers and fire-fighters and nurses to be treated likewise?

Would you accept the fallout from that?

Would you want to live in a province with disgruntled teachers, fire fighters, nurses, doctors and cops? Do you long to live in a Third World Country?

Remember teachers are in contact with your kids, the most cherished possession of your life, 200 days a year for about 1200 or more total hours. Are you saying, “Screw them, and nail them to the wall?” Would you talk about your baby sitter like that or bash him/her to their face and then leave them in the care of your children?

Do you go around publicly criticizing your friends, your neighbours and your family without sound grounds for doing so? Isn’t this kind of behavior  libelous? What would you do and how would you feel if your work was constantly critized PUBLICALY?

I’m sure you go around bashing your Doctor all the time.

Interesting enough that in Ontario it costs about $10 000 annually per student to provide a child with an education. One day in a 200 day school year would have a price tag of $50. Multiply that by an average class size of say 30 and you get a per day classroom cost of $1500.  Take that average teachers salary of $75 000 and teacher salary cost per day is $375. So where are the other $1125 dollars being spent? That’s $249 000 outside of a teacher’s salary per year to operate a classroom of 30. How many bureaucrats, consultants, curriculum coaches and educrats are in this mix, I wonder? If you’re a teacher you may be asking why you are spending $1000-$1500 a year out of pocket for resources for your classroom. If you’re a parent you may wonder what all of this fundraising is about.

Are you happy your government is dropping the hammer on the teachers when on the other hand they are rewarding managers with a bonus when there is supposed to be 0% increases? Maybe teachers are an easy target? Maybe you are being blinded by a smokescreen?

And, what would you do with $4500 extra bucks in your pocket if you got such a bonus?

Did you know that teachers also pay for those good pensions you envy to the tune of 18% of their wages per year? (That’s a $8000+ contribution per year.) Did you know the pension fund is well managed and makes a very good return? Should teachers be criticized for the smart management of their money?

Would you consider the teacher pension managers managing the finances of Ontario? Maybe they could figure out this deficit problem? Maybe they could do a better job?

Did you know teachers do not get vacation pay nor do they receive any benefits upon retirement? That’s what banked sick days were negotiated to replace in the first place.

Allowing teachers to bank their days gave them protection for long term illnesses. It also gave them an INCENTIVE to save those days and be on the job. Employees with “sick days that are use them or lose them” most often use them all. Teachers also pay for their own Long Term Disability plans and save the boards millions annually from that cost.

Do you know how many classroom teachers are on the Sunshine List?


Check to see how many Doctors, Nurses, Hydro Workers, Fire Fighters, Police, EMS workers, politician and bureaucrats and the like are on this list. Hundreds you say? Probably thousands, I’m thinking.

How can the government on one hand say that they have invested in Education to make it the “Best in the World” and then say in their next breath that they need to restrict front line workers rights and dictate fiscal economies on their backs and their backs alone?

Is this fair? Is this democratic?

And, do you not think facing 20-35 children, from all walks of life, from all kinds of environments, in a society that has influences that create attitudes and problems, situations and conflicts that make the job much like managing chaos and, despite that, learning happens– IS NOT THE REAL WORLD?

You want to see a real world –walk in a teachers shoes for ONE DAY!

Sheep of Ontario –WAKE UP because the wolf is at your door. All the “Baaaaaing” and complaining about teachers, mostly due to misinformation and stupidity makes you the next likely target. You have been duped once again.

Maybe the next Ontario government will start charging you a fee for Doctors visits or raise taxes or institute user fees for anything and everything, because if they fool you once they’ll surely fool you again and again and again.

Remember how you voted in a Liberal government that ran on a platform of NO TAX INCREASES? And if you think the votes of 180 000 teachers make a difference in an election of millions of voters, you are nuttier than a fruitcake.

This whole Bill 115 situation is proof of that. Creating a crisis in education worked in 1997-1998. It looks like it has worked again.

Yes, the jig is up and you’d better be prepared for more. And ask yourself this? Why are corporate taxes in Ontario some of the lowest in North America?

That’s because the middle class is carrying the load for everyone, my friends. Indeed, the flocks are keeping the wolves well fed. The wolf is at the door.


And consider this, please.

The government has told the public that they have simply put a hold on salary increases during the term of the contract. In truth, the government has done much more; they have confiscated all unused sick days and paid some teachers less than 10 percent of the value of the seized days; they have frozen retirement gratuities; they have imposed an inferior sick leave process; and, they have delayed grid movement.  These are all freely bargained components of the compensation for teachers embedded in collective agreements.   In addition, they have forced a one and a half percent salary cut by requiring three unpaid leave days.

In other sectors the government has asked that there be no salary increases. In the education sector, the Minister has admitted that the government has imposed $2 billion in cuts from the compensation of teachers and other education professionals through the imposition of these additional penalties.

Ask yourself this, is this what you want for your education system? Does this improve it or does this drag it it into the mud of mediocrity?

You should be thanking every teacher in Ontario for these cost savings, don’t you think? And, you should be asking yourself , “WHAT’S NEXT?”


Well I guess it’s stopped but after it was used in FULL FORCE , of course!


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