The Fourth Way: A New View of What’s Needed in Education -Valued Educators Leading the Way

Found this link while following Lisa Mastrobuono (@LisaMastrob) Twitter feed regarding the Ontario Relations Board hearing regarding extracurricular activities and whether it was a strike bulletin or directive from ETFO to stop these activities. ( Issued on January 14th.)imagesCAYSTR6B

Here’s an academic view of what is needed as a Fourth Movement in Education. Click the link and read it if you are a teacher. I found it very revealing and certainly positive in terms of how I view teaching and education.

The Global Search for Education: What Is the Fourth Way?

SCHOOLAlso, if you are a teacher and have TWITTER you need to follow Lisa’s (@LisaMastrob) description of what is happening at the OLRB hearing this week. That decision could have great effects upon how extracurricular activities and the defined role of teacher duties is approached going forward. Two boards are claiming that ETFO has forced teachers to stop these activities and thereby promoting illegal strike action.

For an alternate view of the proceedings you can follow a Toronto Star reporter at @louisebrownstar on Twitter. Interesting contrast!


The hearing wraps up today. Believe me some of the arguments presented there are scary. You need to know what is being said and what might be proposed out of this decision.


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