Wearing Your Pants Like Hip Waders


On Saturday, February 14th, old Jimbo celebrated his 63rd  birthday. Yes, two more years and this Baby Boomer ( Zoomer) will bite the dust and officially enter the world of the “Senior Citizen”. But please don’t fret, the old guy is still as active as ever, coaching and managing basketball 24/7, running kids here and there, and making a lot of WHOOPEE! Jimbo still follows the Church of Buffet Creed, better know as “growing older but not up!”

I feel as if my mind hasn’t aged one bit. I’m as sharp as a tack. It’s the body that creaks and groans like an old rocking chair every time I make a move. Therefore, I believe my current situation (advanced age) allows me to discover many truths. I see things more clearly. In fact, they come to me like great bolts of lightning from the sky.

Let me share one of these…

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