Boot Camp: Shock and Awe Shucks


As each decade of his life unfurls, Grumpy bravely takes the time to stand naked in front of the mirror.

 “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s that chubsky shaped like a ball?”imagesCA84Q0NR

It seems that at the completion of each decade of life, the wear and tear, the caloric top ups and the too-busy-to-move excuses, leave Grumpy’s endomorphic frame sagging and dragging like a sack of bulbous potatoes. The spare tire, the roll over, and the double chin become proof of the pudding – literally.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Grumpy’s in pretty good shape for an old guy. But the fact that he’s an old guy is undeniable. I mean, people of his age unexpectedly bite the dust every day.

Grumpy can prove it.

You see, each decade brings forth habits that, before long, take center stage and become a part of the new “you”. Take the task of scanning the daily obituaries, for instance…

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