Even though he’s shaped like a cello, Grumpy is as fit as a fiddle. Here’s how he does it. GRUMPY’S BOOT CAMP (CLICK THE READ MORE LINK ABOVE)


In an earlier BLOG Grumpy indicated that a naked session in front of the mirror exposed some soft tissue issues with his 63 year old body. Indeed, there were areas of sag and lag, which in turn made him look like a bag of new potatoes: frumpy and lumpy.

So he decided, at that time, that the only way he was about to improve upon his profile (Picture Alfred Hitchcock in silhouette) was to embark on a radical fitness regimen.

zzzzzFATBack in the day, in another BLOG, “Wearing Your Pants like Hip-Waders”, Grumpy mentioned how it seems as if his bulbous butt had been lopped off with a sharp sword. Then, all of those fat cells somehow migrated to the front of the body to produce a middle-aged protuberance.

Grumpy sees old guys at the mall whose pants droop at the back like empty backpacks, whilst their bellies bulge in rollovers of dramatic proportion. He doesn’t know how they walk without falling flat…

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