One Year and Counting: Happy Birthday Blog


A note from Grumpy’s Man Cave.

On September 21st Grumpy’s World celebrated its one year anniversary. The celebration was low key as Grumpy spent the day with his pal Willy Boy, taste testing craft beers and spinning tales of bovine excrement. Since Willy Boy had given blood that morning and Grumpy was still feeling the effects of his new medications (Both prescribed and procured), a nap loomed at the end of every sentence uttered. It was a “put your feet up”, vegetative kind of day. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all, especially the Good Wives, who had a gab session of mega proportions. The boy’s ears are still ringing!

If this Blog survives a second year, Grumpy promises a bigger celebration, perhaps including coffee, Timbits and a performance by Pumba the Farting dog.

Have a Good One,


STATS: 173 post, consisting of approximately 250 000 words, and 11 173 visitors. Man if everyone paid a buck to visit here, Grumpy could update the Clown Car and be driving a mini van.

Yee Haw, to that!


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