Tales from the Grumpy Gardener #2: Be on the Lookout for Jack the Nipper

Way back in May Grumpy introduced you to the challenges of dealing with Jack Frost, otherwise know as Jack the Nipper. Here we are in September and Old Jack has made his way back into our lives. All of the framers around Grumpy Villa are scrambling like squirrels to bring in their crops. Little Old Jack is rubbing his hands together in glee with the prospect of taking all of these plants down. So, in case you missed this one, give it a read. Just click the READ MORE link above to get the entire blog.


WARNING: Be on the lookout for Jack the Nipper

There are a lot of “Jacks” that Grumpy likes including “jumping Jack flash”, “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick” and, of course, actor and AAAAJackimagescomedian, Jack Black. But, when it comes to this time of year and Grumpy’s garden, he completely detests that guy know as JACK FROST. He’s the guy you sing about at Christmas. You know the one that’s “nipping at your nose” while “your chestnuts are roasting on an open fire.”

Well I say, “Nuts to that!”

Jack Frost is persona non grata and totally unwanted in my garden.

Consider this:

Jack Frost

By C.E. Pike

Look out! Look out!

Jack Frost is about!|

He’s after our fingers and toes;

And all through the night,

The happy little sprite

Is working where nobody knows.

He’ll climb each tree,

So nimble is he,

His silvery powder he’ll shake.

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