If you are a coach of any sport you might be interested in Grumpy’s take on team letdowns, sub-par performances and choking. His thesis is, no matter how much time you spend on skill development, tactics and conditioning – the mental part of the game, if not addressed, can undo all those good strides you’ve made on the practice court.  CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE ARTICLE:


AAAnewtonI’ll admit I’m an old coach, retired and basically an observer of the game of basketball, a fan yet still a student of team dynamics and proponent of playing/coaching to win, rather than not to lose. I’m also a retired teacher interested in the development, motivation and the personal growth of young people. I care about the psychology of the game, the mental aspects and how that affects the concept of team as well as game synergy. With that mouthful said, I have been challenged by a coaching question that confounds most and perplexes many.

Coaches often throw up their hands and ask:

Which team is going to show up on any given night?

How can my team play one game/one half as if they are on fire and then “poop” the proverbial bed minutes later?

How do I prevent team letdowns, loss of focus and the big “choke”?

This is not an easy set of questions to answer when dealing with young players. However, in my experience, you must tackle this question firm in the knowledge that your athletes are both physical, emotional and mental beings. In other words, no matter what you do to develop the physical attributes, skill sets and tactics of your players, you’d better be just as firm in your resolve to work on the mental aspect of the game and the certainty that performance anxiety can affect what happens within a game.

You must first acknowledge that these letdowns, subpar performances and “choking” (individual or team) are a mental thing not a performance, skill or tactical thing.

Then, of course, you must address this boldly and decisively.

You can go directly to Grumpyhoops: News and Views for the rest of the article by clicking this link:


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