The Truth Behind Grump’s Wal-Mart Incident

Another crazy moment from Grumpy – replayed!


After my latest medical check-up the Doc had this to say about my blood work.

“Grumpy, you’re bad cholesterol is good, but your good cholesterol is bad.”

“Hold on there, Doc,” I respond. “There must be something I can do about that? I need to get better good cholesterol to counteract my good bad cholesterol, right?”

The good Doctor appears a little cross-eyed and semi-perplexed with that remark.

“Well, there are two ways we can approach this,” he begins. “You can exercise for thirty minutes a day, but it has to be intense exercise –you know, like a heavy make-yourself-sweat workout. Or, I can put you on a mega dose of Vitamin B in the form of Niacin.” Dr. Paul’s smirky smile is not unlike the one I described when he was about to check my prostate last April. (See Previous Blogs)

I tell him, “I’ll take the latter!” remembering…

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