Willy Boy and Jim Shady: We Ain’t Jackson or McGraw

On the occasion of their wives upcoming 50th birthdays Willy Boy and Grumpy surprised their girls with a special presentation. Their idea was to give the girls a special gift during one of their visits together.

On their 40th Birthday the boys took their wives to a weekend in Port Stanley. They stayed in a pair of loft suites at the Inn on the Harbour, shopped the unique businesses in the Port, had a gourmet meal in a nice local restaurant and shuffled off to White Oaks Mall in London, Ontario for some Christmas Shopping. The boys also prepared a great breakfast of fruit and pancakes  -ensuite – on the Sunday morning. They pampered their Princesses to the max!

Ten years later the boys wanted to top that weekend with something more. However, much like CCR, their personal finances were more like “Willy and the Poor Boys” than anything else. After saving bits and pieces of their weekly stipends, taking all their empties back for their deposits in cash ,finagling Peter to pay Paul, and selling all of their Canadian Tire money at a 10% discount, they finally put together enough money to pull the darned thing off.

The girl’s 50th Weekend Birthday Bash would include 2 nights deluxe accommodation at the Courtyard Marriot in Niagara Falls, a gourmet meal at an Italian eatery, a day of shopping at the Penn Center Mall and Outlet Stores, dinner and drinks at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaretville Restaurant, $50 slot voucher for the Falls View Casino,  tickets to the show at the Falls View Theatre -“Jersey Nights” (The Four Seasons), late night drinks at the casino bar and a little R. and R. in-between all of the action.

The following YouTube video showcases the beginning of their presentation. And, as you soon discover, Willy Boy and Jim Shady “Ain’t No Jackson or McGraw!” But, as usual, a good time was had by all.  There’s never a dull moment when the Waggles and the Grumpy’s get together.

Willy Boy and Jim Shady WILL NOT be on tour anytime soon. They will remain strictly studio artists and leave the touring up to old guys like Lord Elton.

Just click on the arrow to start the video. Ear plugs may be required and we’ll go with the disclaimer that any naughty words were just thrown in for effect.


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