A little break from these PHILOSOPHICAL meanderings is in order. Grumpy’s brain is starting to hurt!

Nevertheless, Grumpy does feels that his garden relates well to what he has most recently written.  The gardens at Grumpy Villa are important to the family because these paths provide a place of relaxation, respite and reflection as well as a playground for the little ones who visit. (Including Max the Killer Cat)

Chillin” and Swillin’ in the great gazebo tented room is the name of the game where quiet conversations, naps, reading a book, listening to tunes and downright reflection and meditation are required activities. Bring your “PITY PARTY” there and our Sergeant at Arms, Pumba the Farting Dog, will be nipping at your heels as you make your frenzied escape.

So, I you’ve got four minutes to spare, why not take a trip on GRUMPY’S GARDEN TOUR.

It’s FREE!

Stay mindful,

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