Grumpy is a retired teacher, grandfather, basketball coach and a dreamer. He writes about those things that not only “get his goat” but those things that intrigue, confound and amuse him. His personal pratfalls and misadventures have become this blogs running theme given that friends and family have tagged them as “JIMBO MOMENTS”!

When they themselves falter, they often say, “I just did a Jimbo!”

Grumpy takes that as a compliment.


Grumpy lives on the South coast of Ontario (Canada) very close to the shores of Lake Erie. If you annoy him he just might say, “Take a hike due south until you hat floats!” Otherwise, he’s a friendly old coot who enjoys the vagaries of life as much as you or any other person.

He and his faithful dog Pumba spend their days in retirement bliss while the Good Wife and the Phenom trudge off to work and school each day. This is a Win-Win situation for Grumps.


Grumpy hopes that his keyboard meanderings amuse, titillate and, at the very least, make you smile.

Don’t be afraid to drop off a comment or two because Grumpy will make every effort to respond in kind.

If you enjoy any of his stuff, please do share it with others via FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER. You see, Grumpy tends to spend his limited marketing budget on beer and good times. He is counting on you to spread the word.

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Until we meet again, Grumpy repeats what his own father espoused as his personal philosophy of life, “Who has more fun than people?”

Still growing older but not up in the outback of Ontario,



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